Quantum Medicine

Posted on: October 31st, 2013 by edwin No Comments

I was uncertainly prepared to meet you, people wondered, “Is this cat alive or dead?”

Of course, it was totally random, the way we met, but now it feels like synchronicity instead

Dose me with your quantum medicine- I feel so ill, mama come thrill me until I’m well again

Don’t make it quick I can’t predict, when you’re gonna come again

 Your eyes are just like two kaleidoscopes, but your subtle movements, oh, they’re so hypnotic

I feel so freakin’ fractal in your magic circle, girl, while the world outside grows more & more chaotic //

 I’m through being cocooned within all this chaos, now I’m a butterfly inside your hurricane

I’m gonna take a chance on you, because I don’t know when you’re gonna come again //


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