Funkified Rock & Roll with a Sci-Fi Soul

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Fractal Caravan play funkified rock & roll, with a sci-fi soul.

Formed in 2012 in New York City by Edwin Quirk (guitar/vocals),

with Fabio Montenegro (bass), & David Cornejo (drums),

they connect rock & roll & funk, 

with reggae & world rhythms,

to craft modern pop songs about striving to stay human,

in these surreal times.


In 2014, they self-released their debut album, Paradox Lust.  

The Secret Ingredient EP followed in 2015.


Late that year,

Fabio returned to Bogotá to focus on his band, Numasbala.

He continues to write most of the bass lines & help compose the songs. 

Alo Zorrilla, Alejandro Chapa, & now Dave Lowenthal,

have all become auxiliary caravaners, 

adding even more funky bass & exuberance to the live show!


In 2016, Edwin traveled to Fabio’s Fino Productions Studio in Colombia,

to record the single, Rogue Agent.

In 2017, work began on their sophomore LP, Subtle Maneuvers,

with Edwin at the helm as producer.


The album’s 1st single, Now Or Never, was released in September, 2017.


Although they don’t try to sound like anyone else,

fans of Arctic Monkeys, Jimi Hendrix, & QOTSA may enjoy Fractal Caravan too!


Visit them often at

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